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The BueLingo Beef Cattle Society has as its primary objectives the development, registration and promotion of the BueLingo breed of cattle, in the United States of America and throughout the world. It is believed that the BueLingo breed can make an important contribution to the improvement of the Cattle Industry. The Society is open to all cattle breeders who wish to engage in a supervised upgrading program, and shall endeavor to establish an efficient system of registration and recording. It is the intention of the Society to maintain high breeding standards with the emphasis placed on production efficiency

National BueLingo Beef Cattle Society
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Phone: (815) 745-2147
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Ranch and Feedlot Tour

August 21-23, 2017
Sterling, KS

This tour is open to anyone interested in the livestock industry. We are planning a Ranch and Feedlot Tour to Kansas

Tentative schedule:
Monday, August 21, 1:00 pm-meet at John and Phylis Wilkey Ranch, Sterling, KS (5,000 plus acre crop and cattle ranch), then stay in local hotel.
Tuesday, August 22, 10 am-meet at the Clark County Feed Yard, Inc. in Minneola, KS (13,000 head commercial feedlot), then afternoon tour in Dodge City, home of "Gunsmoke", then leave for home, stay at hotel on the way.
Wednesday, August 23, travel home.

Everything is "Dutch Treat", however traveling in groups and carpooling is encouraged to share experiences and expenses.

If you are planning to join, please give Danny Meyer a call (715) 613-1603, by August 1, 2017. Let him know if you are driving, need a ride, have room for others, or want to share a hotel, etc. Come join us, and looking forward to hearing from you, thanks in advance!