ByLaws & Rules of Registry

Aims and Objectives
The BueLingo Beef Cattle Society has as its primary objectives the development, registration and promotion of the BueLingo breed of cattle, in the United States of America and throughout the world. It is believed that the BueLingo breed can make an important contribution to the improvement of the cattle industry.

The Society is open to all cattle breeders who wish to engage in a supervised upgrading program, and shall endeavor to establish an efficient system of registration and recording.

It is the intention of the Society to maintain high breeding standards with emphasis placed on production efficiency.

Rules Governing Membership
A. Application for Membership
Persons may apply for membership and where upon acceptance and fee payment, they will be accepted for membership. Members while in good standing shall be entitled to all of the privileges and advantages of membership. But said membership may be cancelled by the Board of Directors or the Executive Committee thereof, and all rights and privileges of the member forfeited and terminated for a violation of the by-laws or rules and regulations of the Society, or for conduct involving moral turpitude, or in case a member so conducts himself as to make his association as a member undesirable, after a notice and a hearing as hereinafter provided.
Membership in the Society is a privilege and not a right. Any application for membership may be rejected by the Board of Directors for any cause deemed to be detrimental to the interests of the Society, its programs, policies, objectives, or harmonious relationship with its members. A membership once granted may be withdrawn for similar reasons.

A member is considered to be in good standing until found otherwise by the Board and or the Executive Committee.

B. General privileges and responsibilities of Members and Nonmembers.
While in active status, all members shall have equal rights, interests, and responsibilities with respect to the association and its properties, and shall obey and be bound by all by-laws, rules, and regulations of the Society, and decisions or actions of the Board of Directors or the Executive Committee.

Individuals who are owners of animals registered with the BueLingo Beef Cattle Society and who choose to do business with the Society by submitting applications for registration, membership, requests for transfer or conduct other business with the Society or its members do hereby agree to be bound by all by-laws, rules and regulations of the Society and actions of the Board of Directors.

Although the right and privilege of a member or nonmember to seek judicial review of previous Society decisions or actions is recognized, that a member, by joining the Society, or submitting applications for membership, registration, or transfer or conducting other business with the Society does thereby agree, if unsuccessful in the attempt to overturn the Society’s decisions, actions, rules or by-laws to reimburse the Society for its reasonable attorney fees, court costs and other expenses in defense of such suit.

C. Jurisdiction.
Every member shall be confined to any action at law or in equity against this Society to the jurisdiction of the courts, Federal or State, with which the principal place of business of the Society is situated, that being in Fargo, in Cass county of North Dakota.

D. Withdrawals
A member of this Society in good standing may withdraw from membership by giving the Executive Secretary a notice in writing or by requesting that his name be removed from the list of persons entitled to the rights and privileges of members of the Society, and upon receipt of any such notice or request, the membership of such member shall terminate; provided, however, that after charges have been preferred against a member, and money settlements are in acceptable order, the right of such member to withdraw from membership shall be suspended until the termination of all proceedings in connection with such charges in accordance with the by-laws, unless the Executive Committee or the Board of Directors otherwise agree.

E. Expulsion and Censure of Members.
Any member of this Society who violates the by-laws or rules and regulations of the Society, or who shall deceive or wrong the Society, or a member thereof, or other person, or who shall so conduct himself as to make his Society undesirable; or any member whose practices in the breeding of cattle are such as to impair the reliability of the records of the Society shall be censured, suspended or expelled by the Board of Directors, or by the Executive Committee after notice and a hearing as hereinafter provided. Persons whose memberships have been declared forfeited and cancelled, and who are at the time owners of registered cattle may, in a proper way, at the discretion of the Board of Directors or the Executive Committee, be permitted to transfer the cattle then standing in their names on the records of the Society, or to register and or transfer the progeny of such cattle, within six (6) months after the date of the cancellation of their memberships, and the forfeiture of their rights in the Society. No cattle can be registered after a period of six (6) months, unless said person is reinstated.

Any member holding or managing a public sale of BueLingo cattle or consigning animals to or purchasing animals at such sale who willfully engages in any fraudulent or unethical practice in connection with such sale may be censured, suspended or expelled by the Board of Directors or by the Executive Committee thereof after notice and a hearing as hereinafter provided.

The Board of Directors and/or Executive Committee of the BueLingo Beef Cattle Society shall have the sole power to define what constitutes such fraudulent and unethical practices.

F. Charges against Members
Upon information reflecting adversely upon the conduct of a member being presented to the Executive Secretary or other officer of the Society, the Executive Secretary may cause the same to be investigated. If the Executive Secretary with the written concurrence of any two members of the Board of Directors, or if the Executive Secretary deems that the best interests of the Society require it, any and all rights and privileges of the member may be limited or suspended for a period of time which shall not exceed three (3) months unless written charges are preferred against the member as hereinafter provided.

Whenever, as a result of his investigation, the Executive Secretary with the written concurrence of the Chairman or the Vice Chairman and another member of the Board of Directors, deems that the best interests of the Society require it, he shall file with the Board of Directors, charges in writing against the member based upon the information and investigation. Upon such filing, the right of the member to transfer animals on the records of the Society, shall be suspended pending the decision of the Board of Directors, after the hearing of such charges in every case when the charges question the propriety of the registration or the reliability of the performance records of an animal owned by the member.<br />
The Executive Secretary shall forthwith cause a copy of such charges, together with a written notice of the time and place of the hearing thereof, before the Board of Directors to be served upon said member by certified mail addressed to him at his last-known address as shown by the records of the Society, not less than thirty (30) days prior to said hearing.

Such notice shall contain a statement of the purpose and scope of the hearing and of the action which said board has power to take regarding his membership in the Society, and shall further advise the member that he may appear in person or by counsel and produce witnesses, affidavits, documentation or other evidence.

In all matters referred to in this section, and in the conduct of any hearing, a quorum of the Board of Directors shall be required.

G. Hearings.
At the hearing upon said charges, both the person preferring them and the member against whom they have been preferred shall have the right to be heard in person and by counsel and to produce whatever witnesses, affidavits, documentary or other evidence he may desire to produce. Oral testimony shall be recorded. At the close of said hearing or as soon thereafter as may be reasonably possible, the board shall make its findings as to the truth or falsity of such charges and shall render its decision thereon, either censuring, suspending, expelling, or placing on probation, said member, or dismissing the charges, and upon dismissal of the charges restoring him to the privileges of membership in the Society in case he has been suspended from membership pending the hearing upon such charges. The decision of the Board of Directors shall be subject to an appeal to the members, by either party, or by any two members of the Board of Directors. However, unless the member against whom the charges were preferred or two (2) members of the board shall, within fifteen (15) days after written notice of the decision of the board shall file a notice of appeal with the Executive Secretary. If an appeal is not filed, the decision shall remain in force until reversed or modified by the Board of Directors.

At the close of the hearing before the Board of Directors, or as soon thereafter as may be reasonably possible, the Board shall render such decision upon said charges as right and justice requires, either affirming, reversing or revising the decision of the Executive Secretary with the discretionary power in the Board to make the penalty imposed upon the member either more severe or less or ordering a rehearing of said charges, and shall file its decision with the Executive Secretary of the Society, and shall give notice thereof to the member involved and to the party preferring the charges.
When a member, because of his fraud, bad faith or moral turpitude relating to his records or other wise affecting BueLingo matters has been denied privileges of the Society or has been censured, suspended, or expelled from membership, written notice thereof shall be forwarded by certified mail to the last known address of said member and a copy thereof filed with the Executive Secretary of the Society. And the fact thereof and the offense committed will be permitted to be publicly announced through regularly published media or by the Executive Secretary in an annual report to the membership or board. As to the disciplinary action other than that set forth above, the announcement and publication thereof shall be within the discretion of the Executive Secretary.

Neither the Board of Directors nor the Executive Secretary, nor any of their members, nor any officer or employee of the Society, shall become liable for the decisions rendered, put into effect or published as provided for in the by-laws, nor for any action take pertaining to the same.

H. Charges against Nonmembers.
Any person, firm, corporation, or association who is not a member of this Society, and who makes application for the registry or transfer of an animal, or who avails himself of any of the privileges of the Society, shall be deemed to have thereby subjected himself to the by-laws and rules of the Society to the same extent as members are subject thereto, including (but without limiting the generality of the foregoing) those provisions concerning the preferring of charges, the hearing thereon, the decision of the Board thereon, the appeal there from to the Board of Directors and the public announcement of the offense committed and the penalty imposed all as set forth in subsection E to G inclusive of Section 2 of the by-laws of the Society.

In case any person or persons not a member of the Society is or shall be charged with fraud, misrepresentation or false or irregular application for the registration or transfer of animals, or with designedly making any false statement in reference to the breeding, ownership, performance or registration of animals, or with a violation of other rules or regulations of the Society, or in reference to any application for the registration or transfer of animals, or with unfair dealing in connection with BueLingo cattle, with the violation of the statutes of any state relation to the pedigree of, the registration of, or transfer of BueLingo cattle, the Executive Secretary of the Society shall mail a notice in writing to such person or persons at his or their last known post office address, specifying the substance of the offense charged against said person or persons and requiring such person or persons to show cause before the Board or a special committee that may be constituted for that purpose, why such person or persons should not be debarred from the privilege of registering or transferring cattle on the records of the Society. And if such person or persons do not appear before the Board or such special committee in response to said notice, or in case such person or persons do appeal and do not show any sufficient or satisfactory case or make a satisfactory explanation of the offense charged against said person or persons and it shall satisfactorily appear that said charges are sustained, said person or persons shall be denied all privileges in the Society. And in any case whenever in the judgment of the Board of Directors, the best interests of the Society require it, any person, firm, corporation or association not a member of the Society may be denied all the privileges of the Society pending the hearing upon said charges before the Board of Directors of the Society.

I. Neglect or refusal to sign Application for Registration or Transfer.

If the owner or breeder of an animal:
(1) Fails to implement a court order or judgment,

(2) Unreasonably refuses,

(3) Persistently neglects or

(4) Cannot be located to sign an application for registry or transfer upon satisfactory evidence being submitted to the Board of Directors, they may at their discretion, order the Executive Secretary to register or transfer the animal without the signature of the owner or breeder or both.

J. Duty of Applicants.
It shall be the duty of persons availing themselves of the privileges of the Society to promptly answer all letters or inquiries of the Society, and action on all matters dealing with their relations with the Society shall be deferred until such letter and inquiries are fully answered.

K. Financial obligations to the Society and limitation of Duty.
The Executive Secretary of the Society, with the approval of the Board of Directors, may deny privileges or suspend the status of any member or nonmember for failure to pay when due any obligation owed the Society or for rendering in payment a worthless check for any service, fees or other charges provided by the Society. Fifteen (15) days before such proposed denial or suspension is submitted to the Board of Directors, a written notice of the amount due, the nature of the charges and the intent to suspend or withhold shall be mailed to such member or nonmember. If the Board of Directors approves the suspension or denial of privileges the member or nonmember may appeal to the Society pursuant to the procedure set forth in subsection G herein. The Society may publish the name of any member or nonmember so affected under this provision if the Board upholds the action. Any suspension or denial of privileges under this section shall terminate upon receipt of the amount due by the Society. The seller is responsible to transfer registration on animals unless an agreement between buyer and seller has been arranged.

It shall not be the duty of the Society to enforce any contract or agreement between buyers and sellers other than the furnishing of proper certificates of registry and transfer of ownership, or of the breeding records relating to such cattle or their progeny.

L. Authorization.
Legal partnerships, corporations and individual members shall specify in writing the person(s) authorized to vote or act in their behalf at any meeting of the Society or to sign registration and transfer applications.

The signature(s) of the authorized person(s) in all instances shall be included with the authorization.

In the event of termination or change of an authorized signature the Society requires that there shall be filed in its office, satisfactory evidence of the termination or change.

M. Transfer of Membership and Change of Name of Membership.
A membership is not transferable except as provided herein.

The name of membership may be changed at the request of the owner upon presentation of evidence that there has been, in fact, no actual change of membership ownership.

Upon receipt of duplicate names of the names in the membership file, both members involved will be notified, and if one expresses willingness to change his membership name, this will be done at no charge to the member.

If the title of ownership is changed in accordance with the foregoing, it shall be necessary for the owner to have all cattle in his possession transferred upon the Society’s records to correspond to the new title of ownership of the membership.

In case of the death of the owner of the membership, the membership can be transferred to his legal heir.

N. Availability of Records.
The Executive Secretary with the approval of the Board of Directors may make available to active members of the BueLingo Beef Cattle Society, BueLingo membership lists that may include a member’s interest in a particular segment of the BueLingo breed.

To an active BueLingo Beef Cattle Society member, who also is the registered owner of an animal, pedigree and performance information on record for any animal and its progeny. The fees for this service if any may be determined by the Board of Directors.

O. Usage of the National BueLingo Cattle Society Name and/or Logo
The use(s) of the National BueLingo Beef Cattle Society name and/or Logo by members or groups must have at least verbal approval from the setting Board of Directors or their designee.

P. Name Change
As of June 2001 – The Society will now be named the “BueLingo Beef Cattle Society” to assist in the marketing and promotion of the breed as a beef cattle breed.

Q. Sub Chapters
The BueLingo Beef Cattle Society accepts and recognizes regional sub-chapters of this Society upon their approval by the Board of Directors. (Established June 2001)
Classification of Members
Active members shall be owners or breeders of cattle who pay the membership fee. Active membership will apply to the estate of a deceased member for one (1) year after death of member. Only active members are entitled to vote and hold office.

Associate members shall be nonvoting members who may be interested in the advancement of the Society and have paid the proper membership prior to their becoming Associate members.

Charter members shall be all who applied for and were accepted at the time the Society was founded.

Junior Associate members shall be a non-voting member for those persons up until July 1 after attaining the age of nineteen (19) years or upon graduation from high school whichever comes first and who pays the membership fee as set from time to time by the Board of Directors.

Lifetime members shall be active members who wish to pay the lifetime membership fee. They shall receive all the same active membership benefits as stated for active memberships. Lifetime memberships are entitled to only one vote per membership.

Officers and Directors
A. Duties of Officers:
1. Chairman of the Board: The chairman shall be the presiding officer at all Board or Society meetings. He shall issue call for all Board meetings. He shall carry on the business of the Society under the constitution, the by-laws and the instructors of the Board of Directors.

2. Vice Chairman: The vice-chairman, in the absence of the chairman of the board, or at his request, shall perform the duties of the chairman.

3. Recording Secretary: The recording secretary shall keep a record of all matters during meetings and insure that directors and members are apprised of all matters. He shall not be elected but be employed by the Board of Directors. He shall manage and administer the business affairs of the Society in accordance with the policy directives from the Board of Directors as communicated to him by the Chairman. He shall be the official custodian of the seal and the records of the Society. The recording secretary shall keep an accurate record of all BueLingo cattle that are registered and transferred by the Society and may distribute promotional literature or materials to help promote the BueLingo breed. The executive secretary shall be a bonded managing and administrative officer of the Society. He shall act as the authorized representative of the Board of Directors in conducting the business of the Society and shall direct the keeping of proper books of account. He shall perform all such duties as may be directed by the Board of Directors.

4. Job Description of the Acting Secretary/Treasurer: The Secretary/Treasurer shall keep the records and minutes of the BueLingo Beef Cattle Society (BBCS), maintain a current membership directory and maintain possession of the by-laws and Amendments and all other documents of value. It shall be the Secretary/Treasurer’s duty to receive and acknowledge all communications addressed to BBCS and the Directors, receive requests for cattle registration and issue same to members in a timely manner, maintain accurate records of said registrations and all other registration documents issued by the BBCS. Perform other duties designated by the President and Board of Directors. The Secretary/Treasurer shall be the custodian and depositor of the BBCS funds. It shall be the duty of the Secretary/Treasurer to disburse such funds by check to the sum of $500.00 payments. The Board shall approve sums in excess of $500.00. The Secretary/Treasurer shall render a complete summary of all income, disbursements and balances quarterly to the Board and to its members at each annual meeting. A current bank statement shall be rendered to the President of the BBCS or to an appointed director on a monthly basis.

B. Duties of members of the Board of Directors.
1. The Board of Directors shall have the power and authority to make, amend, repeal and enforce such rules and regulations not contrary to law or these by-laws as they may deem expedient concerning the conduct, management, and activities of the Society, the fixing and collecting of dues and fees, regulations regarding registration, the expenditure of money, the auditing of books and records, the awarding of awards deemed necessary and other details relating to the general purposes of the Society.

2. Directors shall be nominated and elected by written ballot according to the following plan. Directors will be selected as persons who will add harmonious progression to the Society. Geographical location and diversity should be taken into account for the well being of the Society.

3. Directors are to be elected by a simple majority with all ties to be broken by the chairman.

4. The nominees receiving the most membership votes for the places to be filled shall be installed at the meeting in which the vote takes place. The Executive Secretary shall canvas these returns, and any appeal from his decision to the Board of Directors.

5. The Board of Directors shall consist of seven (7) members, whose terms of office shall be three (3) years unless otherwise provided in this section. Each Director shall be limited to two (2) consecutive elected terms. He shall be again eligible for reelection after a one- (1) year absence.

6. In case of any vacancies in the Board of Directors due to death, resignation or disqualification, the remaining Directors by affirmative vote of a majority thereof, may elect a successor.

7. If a Director shall be absent, except for good cause as determined by the remaining members of the Board, from two (2) consecutive meetings of the Board of Directors, the Board may in its discretion, declare the absent Director disqualified as a result of neglect, and a successor shall be elected by a affirmative vote of the remaining Directors to complete the unexpired portion of the absent Director’s term.

8. The Directors shall elect from among their own number a chairman, vice chairman, and a recording secretary whose term shall be for one (1) year. This election shall be at the annual membership meeting. Officers are to be elected and introduced to members during the convention. The chairman and vice-chairman can succeed themselves only once.

9. Past chairmen shall be members of the Board of Directors one-year succeeding their term as chairman. Past chairmen then become nonvoting honorary directors for life.


A. Membership Meetings.
1. An annual Membership Meeting shall be held once in every calendar year with a maximum time of fifteen months between meetings. The Board of Directors shall designate the time and place. All members will be notified either by letter or in an official manner by the Society at least thirty (30) days prior to such meeting. Special business shall be mentioned in the notice of the meeting.

2. A quorum for an annual Membership Meeting shall consist of the Active Members, in good standing, present.

3. Standard parliamentary procedure will be followed at all meetings of the Society.

4. Only active members who are in good standing and whose memberships are paid up are entitled to vote at any Society meeting.

B. Board of Directors Meetings.
1. A regular meeting of the Board of Directors shall be held each year in conjunction with and at the same place as the Annual Membership Meeting. Notice of the membership meeting shall contain a notice of the Directors Meeting.

2. Regular and Special meetings of the Board of Directors may be held on call of the Chairman of the Board by giving twenty-one (21) days notice in writing of the time, place, and purpose.

3. Four (4) Directors shall constitute a quorum at any Directors Meeting.

4. Telephone Conference calls may be used for special or regular directors meetings.

A. By-laws Amendments
1. Any by-law changes have to be approved by the Board of Directors before being placed for a vote before the Active voting membership.

2. The by-laws of this Society may be amended by an affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the active voting membership.

B. Rules of Registry Amendments
1. After Board of Directors' approval, any changes in the General Rules of Registry for the Society have to be approved by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the active voting membership.

A. Composition and Duties.
The Society may have several committees, which shall be appointed by the Chairman of the Board, and if this is so the Chairman of each committee shall report to the Board and Membership at the Annual Membership Meeting. These committees may consist of Promotion, Finance, and Rules for Showing and such items, as the Board of Directors would deem necessary for the success of the Society.

The Finance Committee shall monitor the investment program of the Society on a periodic basis, review the income and expense reports, prepare and submit to the Board of Directors for approval, an annual operating budget, and review proposed capital expenditures for approval or recommendation to the Board.

The long-range planning function will be carried out with this committee as a nucleus, plus other members or nonmembers, as may be appropriate. The Board of Directors must approve all recommendations from this committee relative to the planning process.


The Society shall maintain a complete set of records, which shall be placed into a permanent file and properly indexed. This file shall be known as the “BueLingo Cattle Registry or Herd Book.” It shall contain copies of applications for registry, certificates of registration, applications for transfer of title, plus all other incidental records or documents pertaining to the registration of BueLingo cattle.

1. A person who is not a member of the Society will be allowed to register cattle in the Society’s herd book for a fee to be determined by the setting Board of Directors.

2. The Directors and the Officers and Employees of the Society shall have the right to go upon the premises of any member of the Society at all reasonable times to inspect the members’ herds.

3. Any animal born of parents eligible for registration shall be eligible for entry in the herd book.

4. BCS Registry:
The colors of the BueLingo cattle in the primary registry are black or red with a white belt completely encircling the body. The belt must be between the shoulders and the hooks. Red BueLingo shall have an “R” preceding their registry number.

BIF Registry:
An appendix registry is established by the BueLingo Beef Cattle Society to allow the Society to benefit genetically from those BueLingo related or bloodline pure BueLingo females which happen to be ineligible for registration in the primary herd book by virtue of their markings, such as: a solid color, incomplete belt, partial belt or no belt, color other than red or black, any white on head, feet, legs, or tail.

These females will be known as BueLingo Identified Females (BIF). A certificate will be issued for each female animal entered into the BIF (appendix) registry. The certificate will appear identical to the primary registration except that there will be a silver embossed seal with “BIF” identifying this as an appendix registry. A registry number will be issued in sequence with the primary BueLingo breed book, but will be preceded by the letter designation BIF. A cow with white feet must be identified on the registration certificate with the letters “WF” following the registration number. The fee for registration of any animal in the BIF (appendix) Registry will be the same as for registration into the primary breed book or registry. A cow with white feet was registered in the primary registry until January 1, 2000.

Offspring from females within the BIF (appendix) Registry and which have been sired by Registered BueLingo Bulls and which are appropriately marked may enter the BCS (primary) Registry upon payment of fee and submission of appropriately completed registration application forms.

BCS Registry – BULLS
Effective January 1, 1995 - no bulls shall be registered with any white marking except for the proper belt.

After January 1, 2004 - all bulls eligible for registration will have to be sired by a Registered BueLingo Cattle Society Bull and a Registered BueLingo Cattle Society (BCS) cow or a BueLingo Identified Female (BIF) Cow.

5. Each animal shall have a unique name, preferably one word, and the full name must not be altered after being entered in the herd book except by express prior approval of the Board of the Society. If the name is approved to be altered it must retain the original farm/ranch name on the registry and the original breeder on the registration. The names of animals being registered shall not be more than twenty letters, numbers and or spaces. This includes prefixes, dashes and or spaces.

6. A calf born as a result of artificial insemination shall be eligible for entry into the herd book. BueLingo bulls used for AI (artificial insemination) must have their blood type or DNA on file before progeny may be registered.

7. The charge for entry into the herd book shall be determined by the Board of Directors and approved by the membership and may be changed from time to time. All fees must be remitted with the application for entry. The fee schedule shall include a separate fee for calves less than fifteen (15) months of age, over fifteen (15) months of age and transfer of registration.

8. All animals recorded in the herd book shall be uniquely permanently identified with letters or numbers, which shall be set out on the application for registration and copied on the certificate of registration. (Permanent ID consists of either a tattoo or an individual and separate freeze or hot brand for each animal.)

9. Applications for registration of an animal shall contain such information as may be required by the Board of Directors and staff. The markings or white belt must be entered in the proper place on the application for registry and must be drawn in as best the applicant is able to do so.

10. Every transfer of registration of an animal for breeding purposes must be recorded on the records of the Society. The application for transfer shall be filled out, sent or delivered with the proper fee to the Secretary and the Secretary of the Society shall make a record.

Effective January 1, 2002 – It will no longer be possible to register an animal in another person-farm-ranch name without paying the appropriate transfer fee at time of registration.

11. The BueLingo Beef Cattle Society does not recommend the use of multiple sires in the same pasture or range. If multiple sires are used, the resulting progeny cannot be registered unless proof of parentage is accomplished with blood typing or DNA. (A multiple sire mating is defined as any mating in which the cow was exposed in the same heat period to two (2) or more bulls.)

12. When applying for registration of twins, or one member of a set of twins, the animal must be coded as twin and the sex of the other twin must be given. Unless this is done, the application for registry of neither twin will be accepted. The word twin or multiple births should appear on each pedigree. In case of twins of opposite sex, the female cannot be registered until proved as a breeder, at which time the extra fee for age shall be waived.

13. The definition of “scurred” for registration purposes is – small, rounded portions of horn tissue attached to the skin at the horn pits of polled animals.

14. All applications for registration involving animals from another registered breed must contain registration identifier as well as registration number. The animal involved will be designated NR/Not Registered in the registry and on the registration forms.

15. The BueLingo Beef Cattle Society will allow the registration of steers as a product of the union of a registered BueLingo bull and either a BBCS or BIF female without color or marking restrictions into the regular BBCS Registry for a fee to be determined by the sitting Board of Directors.

(B) “Expanding the Genetic Base” (amended June 12, 2015)
The BBCS will utilize two methods to expand the genetic base of a BueLingo herd.
1. Cross a registered BueLingo Bull with any other non-registered female.
2. Cross a “Selected Registered BueLingo Female” with any other non-registered bull.
[“Selected Registered BueLingo Female”: Must have a sire and grandsires with a Registered BBCS# plus a dam and grand dams with a registered BBCS or BIF #’s] Only Female offspring of either method may be registered as a BCS# or a BIF# provided that said female meets all other requirements for registration.

(C) Erroneous entry and correction of certificates.
When new certificates are received from the Society, they should be checked immediately to determine if correct. If an error is found or correction found necessary, it should be returned to the Society office for correction. If the error is that of the applicant, the applicant will pay the correction fee. If the BueLingo office caused the error, the correction will be made at no charge. Any writing on the certificate not made in the Society Office will invalidate the certificate and necessitate the issuance of a duplicate at a cost to the holder at the regular fee.

Should any animal be admitted to entry or transferred through error, misrepresentation or fraud, the Executive Secretary on discovery of it shall declare the entry or transfer void, together with any entries that may have been made of descendants of such animal. When an animal shall have been transferred or entered through misrepresentation or fraud, the Executive Secretary may inform the member that he will refuse for record any subsequent entry or transfer dependent upon the signature of any person implicated in such fraudulent entry or transfer.

Notwithstanding anything herein contained, the Society assumes no responsibility, financial or otherwise, for any loss or damage that may be sustained by any individual partnership, firm, or corporation by reason of the suspension, cancellation, or correction of any registration, transfer or other documents or by reason of the rejection of any application for membership in the Society


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