2015 - Bruce (Bud) Finn  


Established in the BueLingo Breed August 1, 1995

   Looking back through the data, I found that Bud became a member of the Society in 1995.
   That’s 20 years already.

   I also found a response Bud gave to an inquiry concerning belting percentages by using his personal experiences raising the BueLingo Cattle.

   “Bud started his herd with BueLingo cattle and two registered Red Angus. He wanted to see if he could bring more red into his herd. Genetics not being a perfect science, through the years he had some solid colors and some partial belts. Then one of his bulls was a very strong belting animal and seemed to belt any animal he bred most of the time. One red angus belted a black & white. The other belted a red & white, and the calves were perfectly marked. His neighbor had a Holstein dairy herd and wanted to switch to beef. All the cattle belted but all had white socks.”

   This is the type of hands on work Bud did for the Society. I believe I found him in a picture at the 2000 convention in Arkansas, and I believe he attended the 2002 Convention (stag). That’s when everything changed in the Finn household. Bud called Elaine and informed her they would be hosting the 2003 Convention in Carthage, MO. And a very successful Convention it was. 17 head made their way to MO. Dr. Dewey Wachholz was the judge. They even had the belted squad car pay a visit to the fairgrounds.

   The next course of action was to get Bud on the Board of Directors. He held the position from 2003-2009, and was the Society President 2004-2005 and 2005-2006; then remained on the board for the following three years. As a director in 2003 he helped to implement the Pedigree Program still in place today. In 2004, they established a member’s advertising page on the web site, required verbal approval for anyone using the National BueLingo Beef Cattle Society name and/or logo. As board president, Bud was instrumental in the smooth transition of the office from Arkansas to Illinois in 2006, and set new guidelines and parameters for the Executive Secretary. The BueLingo Beef Cattle Society was represented at the National FFA Convention for exposure to the youth during Bud’s years on the board.

   Then in 2010, the Finn’s hosted the National Convention AGAIN. There was no cattle show, but that didn’t keep the Finn’s from hosting a very successful, relaxing, and full of BueLingo Enthusiasm convention. The margaritas were flowing. The Gator made non-stop trips to the pasture to enjoy the BueLingo Cattle. Everyone was intrigued at feeding the cattle out of their hands, and new friendships were made, and old friendships were rooted even deeper.

   Thank you Bud for your time, patience, and expertise at being a part of the BueLingo Beef Cattle Society.

Dear President, Danny Meyer
Secretary, Sue Blair
Board members and Members all,

   I’m so deeply honored to be named to the BueLingo Hall of Honor. I can’t really express my emotions at this time.

   I wish we could be with you on June 13 to accept this prestigious award in person, but circumstances beyond our control is the only thing keeping us away. I have but a few regrets in my life – I wish I had met Elaine sooner. I wish I could have started with BueLingo 10 years earlier and I wish my health would have allowed me to continue Registration of my cattle. It is the life blood of our Society and the future of our BueLingo Beef Cattle breed. My other regret is that for the first time in 20 years our BueLingo Beef Cattle I will be using a registered Brangus Bull on my cows this year.

   Once you reach the dark side of ¾ of a century, you will find out that many of the things that you were doing with ease now become major tasks and take twice as long to do. But like all farmers, we continue to move forward. The one thing I will never regret is being a proud Breeder of BueLingo Beef Cattle and a member of the greatest Cattle Society in the U.S.A.

   Friends and members, Thank you so much for this Great Great Honor. It means so much to me and Elaine.

   From Finn’s Lonesome Pine Ranch. Much Love and Thanks

   Happy Trails to You.


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