2015 - Sue Blair  


In 1990, Sue and Harvey purchased their first BueLingo Bull from Don Brener and started breeding their Holstein heifers. In 1995, they attended their first BueLingo Convention in Dubuque, IA

   Sue was a charter member of the Midwest BueLingo Cattle Association, served as secretary and has worked with the booth at Wisconsin Farm Technology Days for many years.

   Sue and Harvey hosted the National Convention in 2006. That year Susan became our National Secretary.

   Sue and Harvey have done a great job of exhibiting their cattle at our Convention Shows and they have won most of them. (However, I still accuse Sue of opening the top button on her shirt when the competition was tough and we had a male judge)

   Sue supports our:

  • BueLingo breed of cattle
  • has a great personality
  • has a great husband
  • respects others’ opinions
   And when she says she won’t do something – she means it!

   I can’t think of anyone in this organization that has done more to protect and promote the BueLingo Breed than Susan Blair.

   President, Danny Meyer

   Dear Danny and the rest of the BueLingo Bunch,

   Thank you for all your kind words and expressions of encouragement. Now I have to work harder to do all the things you think I really do! Seriously though, I was very surprised (and so was Harvey-you kept quite a secret) to be included in this Hall of Honor and to share the stage with Bud, so to speak. Bud’s the one that got me into this position in the first place, and then set up some strict rules, so I wouldn’t get out of line. Ha/ha. I truly am Blessed to have made so many lasting friendships, both professionally and personally through the BueLingo Society. And, I am doubly Blessed to have Harvey. He’s the one that said we will use BueLingo, but we will probably never do any paperwork or register anything.

   You people managed to shut me right up that night. I was speechless, but it’s okay now. I’ve got my voice back and will continue to do my best in the office (for a little while anyway). Let’s all do our best to keep the Society active.

   And thank you all again for this Hall of Honor award.

   Sue Blair


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