2006 - Don Brener  


Don Brener was appointed to the Board to replace Bryniarski in 1993. Don had a gift for selling and promoting BueLingo. The Breners helped with the display and information booth at the World Beef Expo in Madison, WI. His family along with the Monsons hosted the 2005 Convention where they showed the World Grand Champion BueLingo and the Reserve Champion BueLingo. Don was instrumental in promoting and talking about BueLingo wherever he went. He served on the Board when the Associate membership came about and was also on the Board when a revised version of the By-laws was produced in April of 1995. This year we would like to recognize Don Brener for his enthusiasm in promoting the BueLingo breed. His ability to promote and talk on the telephone for many hours to keep people excited about the breed has helped increase the membership and start many herds with "Brener Cattle." We all felt the loss when Don passed away in 1995. His family continues to promote the breed and have been active on the Board as well.


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