2004 - Freightrain of Flying Cross  


FREIGHTRAIN of FLYING CROSS - BCS# 40. A significant influence on establishing BueLingo breed type resulted from the progeny of belted females acquired by Flying Cross from the Sieker, Spykerboer and Ostrum herds. Many of the acquired females were mated to FX Freightrain BCS# 40. Freightrain was sired by Davie B of Tillamook and his dam was Vickerman Hill Supreme. Both parents were registered in the Dutch Belted Association. The influence of Freightrain on the breed was very important in establishing the consistent belting pattern as well as the growth and maternal characteristics of his offspring. His first calves were born in the Bueling herd in 1983. Subsequently, 88 Freightrain sons and daughters were registered through the 1987 calving year by the Buelings and 8 additional calves were later registered by the Monsons from Wisconsin.
     My recollections of Freightrain picture him as a frame size six. He possessed a long body, smooth shoulders, large testicles, a sound foot and a calm, yet independent attitude. Understanding his genetics compensated for his dairy type muscling and angularity. The strong reproductive attributes for early puberty, minimal calving difficulty, high conception rates, tight udders and large testicles were characteristic for progeny of FX Freightrain.
     It became apparent to Russ and myself during a pasture visit at Flying Cross soon after the first Freightrain progeny were born that added thickness and muscling were needed if the breed was to meet industry standards. To obtain the necessary trait, semen from a registered Chianina bull named Yuma (ACA#100643) was acquired. He was thick, moderate framed and mild mannered. One bull (Chilingo of Flying Cross) and two heifers (Yumalingo and Kikanina of Flying Cross) sired by Yuma were subsequently registered. The influence of Freightrain and Yuma set the stage for breed expansion as all the needed production and product traits seemed to be in place.


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