2011 - Jim Joiner  


Jim Joiner (previously from Anoka, MN) is recognized for 2011. Jim and Kathy became members in the early 1990’s. They co-hosted the 1996 Convention in Minneapolis, MN. Jim was elected to the Board in 1997 and completed 2 – three year terms. He was elected President in 1999 and 2000. As a member, director, and President of the Board he brought a lot of original ideas to the Society. The Joiners instigated the sale of promotional items and warehoused and carried shirts, belt buckles, etc to many conventions and meeting sites.
     As President of the Society, he appointed a committee to look into a bull/steer testing station to collect BueLingo data. He pushed to get the web site set up and make sure it was recognized on other cattle sites. Ballot voting by mail went into effect in July of 1999, so all members would have a vote in Society issues. A lot of white foot issues were finalized during his term in office. He also helped get promotional material organized so we could all have the same “BueLingo Story”. He created “job lists” and was great at delegating those jobs.


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