2013 - Danny Meyer  


As an individual or putting groups together and suggesting several events that have enhanced and promoted BueLingo, Danny can take credit for all of the above. As an individual, he has brought before the Society many innovative ideas and as Chairman of the Midwest BueLingo Cattle Association, he has organized many activities and events. Danny’s enthusiasm for BueLingo is very contagious.
    Danny became a member of the Society in 1994. He served on the Board of Directors for 2 consecutive 3 year terms 1999 – 2005, and then was re-elected for another 2 consecutive 3 year terms 2009–2015. He is now acting President of the Board (2013-2014). While serving on the Board of Directors, Danny was on a committee to put together a bull/steer testing station, and was given approval to implement a steer feed test program the 1st week of November 1999 with participation of as many members as possible. Ballot voting was passed.
     Danny and his family along with Don & Betty Horn and family hosted the 2002 Convention in Marshfield, WI, at the Central Wisconsin State Fair Grounds. Danny’s enthusiasm came through for the convention with record cattle numbers. (Over 75 head).
     Danny had to play catch up in December of 1994, when he first joined the Society as his first bull used was from Buelings through a neighbor, Harvey Witmer. The bull had already died, but Danny had a couple animals out of him, and wanted to get his registrations going. He registered Witmer of Flying Cross, so he could register a bull Dan-Dee Belted #4 and a cow Dan-Dee 105, who, I think, had also died; so he could register the offspring and thus start his Dan-Dee BueLingo herd. Danny is all about promoting BueLingo in any way, shape or form he can come up with. He wanted to be able to market cattle as a group and hopefully draw more attention to the BueLingo and it’s assets in the market place. He wanted to get some data collected to back up his marketing claims, and he had just the right connections to do so.
    In 1998 he put into action a sub-chapter, The Midwest BueLingo Cattle Association. 19 members of the BueLingo Society met in Prairie Du Chien on a cold, wet, snowy January day to decide if there would be enough interest to pursue a subchapter. At the 1999 convention in Ohio, Danny met with the Board of Directors about starting up and was accepted as a subchapter. The Midwest, as a group, has entered cattle into a feedlot for group marketing and data collection, has had various field days to educate about BueLingo and its assets, and continues to educate by displaying in the WFTD beef tent. The MWBCA has also helped fund the FFA booth at the FFA National Convention, and helped fund an internship for the 2012 summer. Danny has chaired the Midwest BueLingo Cattle Association since its development in 1999.
     Danny also started collecting Calving data and putting together a report since 2001. He has collected data on over 7500 animals. He has now begun to collect data on weaning weights and strongly encourages member participation. Danny has served on the Breed Improvement Committee and was a substantial aid in setting up the Standards of Perfection for guidelines when selecting quality BueLingo for registration. He served on the board when setting a protocol for recognizing genetic defects should they so happen to show up in the BueLingo Breed.
    If you give Danny a chance to talk about BueLingo, he will never turn it down. And, you can always hear him say, “We’ve got to get this thing going.”


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