2012 - Dean and LuAnn Monson  


Dean & LuAnn Monson of Monson Udder Farm were surprised with being inducted into the 2012 Hall of Honor. They were involved with BueLingo even before BueLingo became a registered breed. They answered an ad in the Farm Show in 1986 for BueLingo semen that was for sale. They had two belted cows from LuAnn’s dad and they wanted to keep them belted, so after seeing the BueLingo belted semen for sale, it was right up their alley as they were already using AI in their dairy herd. In September of 1992 they began to register BueLingo. The first calf was a 1987 calf out of Frieda (Belted Galloway) who was and AI calf sired by Freightrain of Flying Cross (BCS# 40). They continued to AI with Freightrain, Hammerjack and Chad. The first bulls – Oreo of MUF and Scooby Chadoo of MUF were registered in 1992. They have been naming their bulls after cartoon characters every since, such as; Snydly and Boris, Brutis and Popey. More bulls registered with names like Huey, Dewey and Louis, Alvin, Fred and Barney, and the most recent were Pig Pen and Peanuts.
     Dean was elected to the Board of Directors in 1993 and served 2 three year terms to 1999. Dean served as Vice President in 1998. He was again elected in 2005 and served 2 more three year terms to 2011. He was appointed President for 2007 and 2008. A lot of white foot issues were cleared up during Dean’s terms on the board. Junior membership was established and a lot of work was done with feedlots and gathering carcass data.
     Dean and LuAnn along with Breners of Apple River hosted the 1995 Convention based out of Dubuque, IA. The show and sale were held in Darlington, WI and farm tours were taken of the Brener’s and Monson’s with a picnic lunch shared by all.
     Dean and LuAnn are one of the original members who are still actively raising and selling BueLingo as breeding stock, feeders, market cattle and directly to the consumer by halves and quarters.


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