2003 - Dr. Rowland Vernon, Jr.  


Dr. Rowland Vernon, Jr. was inducted during our stay in Carthage, MO. Rowland joined the Board of Directors in 1992, became VP in 1993-1995 and President from 1995-1997. Rowland was instrumental in embryo transfers after starting with 2 heifers and a bull from Buelings and the Ostrums. He helped display cattle at the First World Beef Expo in Madison and provided BueLingo Semen to the lucky winners’ whose names were drawn for door prizes. He also promoted collecting as much data as possible to help grow the knowledge of the BueLingo, and wanted to keep the idea of the “ultimate beef factory” foremost in his decisions concerning the BueLingo and breeding programs. He felt that collection of data was our fastest way to promote the animals in the market place and provided space to utilize the CHAPS Program.



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