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Fall 2013

President's Message by Danny Meyer
Hi. I’m Danny Meyer and I consider it a real honor to serve as your President this year.

My wife, Diane, and I live at Loyal, WI, where we raised four boys and today we enjoy ten grandchildren.
Over the years I was an Agricultural Educator for 8 years, Farm Consultant for 12 years and farmed part time and full time for 38 years. Our farming experience consisted of raising hogs (up to 7,000 per year), Holstein steers (up to 800 per year), and maintaining a small beef herd from 20 to 70 cows. At present I’m working part time managing and marketing a 1500 head beef finishing farm and a 1,000 head hog finishing unit.

My few hobbies include breeding Belgian Draft Horses, raising fancy poultry and trail riding on my paint quarter horse. We’ve been raising BueLingo Cattle since the early 1990’s.

Why BueLingo cattle? I guess because of their type and that they were different than other beef breeds. However, I have to confess, my greatest thrill of raising BueLingo cattle has been the opportunity to influence the development of a breed of livestock. In most breeds a breeder can only improve his own herd, but with BueLingo, I’ve had the privilege of trying to improve the entire breed.

Enough about me – let’s talk about BueLingo cattle and the future of the BueLingo Beef Cattle Society. The first question I like to ask myself or the group I’m working with, “Where will we be ten years from now?” Now at my age maybe I should change it to five years! We need plans for the future, but first we must study our past and where we are today.

As president, my first goal was to meet with the officers and lay out a “Plan of Action” for the year and consider some long range plans for the Society. We met on Saturday August 17 at Dorchester, WI, and I felt we had an excellent planning and discussion day. We are going to take the time to evaluate our present and past members and get input for our future plans. One of our Board members will contact each of our members and conduct a survey about your feelings towards:
* Our breed of cattle
* Our BueLingo Organization
* Your future plans with BueLingo cattle
* How do we grow both in membership and in registrations?
* Do we serve your area?
* ETC.

As you can see we are taking on some real challenges. Please help us make this a better organization.
I’d like to thank all of you for electing me to the BueLingo Cattle Society’s “Hall of Honor”. It was a great surprise and humbling experience.

I’ve been accused by some of our members that “I talk to much”. ??? I promise this year to talk a little less and listen a little more.

I’m proud to be a BueLingo Cattle breeder – I hope you are too!

From the Secretary by Sue Blair
June 11, 2013 – as written for the 2013 annual meeting.

Just want to fill you in on all that was accomplished since we met last. The board of directors has taken advantage of the phone conference ability, and we have had a couple last minute meetings throughout the year.

Last year they had 4 tail hair samples pulled and sent to Igenity to get a perspective of what data could be collected to help move our breed towards collecting extended Expected Progeny Differences (EPD’s).
In June 2012, they gave the final approval to accept the revised by-laws, and copies were made and sent to every member. It should clear up a lot of confusion as to the rules of registry. A lot of outdated material was removed. A good job accomplished after talking about it for 6 years.

The Society lost its non-profit status in October 2010. I followed all the rules and sent in all the paperwork requested, was on the phone one day for 4 hours with the IRS (waiting), and thought it was all resolved after talking to an agent, but about 3 months later received notice our non-profit was suspended effective October 2010. I finally got notice in February of 2013 that it was reinstated and retroactive to October 2010. So, I guess we never really lost it after all. Just finally got the paperwork and phone calls caught up to the IRS.

Summer of 2010 a member approached the board of directors with wanting a protocol established should a genetic disorder appear amongst the BueLingo. It was an ongoing communication and was finalized in the spring of 2012. The Abnormalities and Genetic Defects was published in the 2012 summer issue of the “BueLingo World”.

In the fall of 2012 a member approached the board and informed them of a disorder that was showing up in his herd, so the board decided to take the next step and see just how far the disorder had infiltrated the BueLingo breed, if at all. All members were informed and given the chance to test any of their registered BueLingo cattle (particularly bulls) for the gene of “Congenital Pseudomyo-tonia”. Results will be released after they have had a chance to be reviewed.

The computer in the office was updated to Windows 7, with some of the bookkeeping programs updated. At the same time the Centric Program was updated to Windows 7. I have also completed editing all the registrations and have the Centric Program in working order. Just don’t get too lazy with filling out your application forms. I still need a name and registration number for the dam and sire. It helps build in an automatic check on the registry if you should submit erroneously. ALL REGISTRATION APPLICATIONS NEED TO BE SIGNED BY THE APPLICANT.

We have registered 8062 animals to date and over 100 transfers year to date.

The National and MBCA hired an intern, Kally Bockenhauer, last summer and fall. She helped at the convention in West Salem and attended several events to help promote BueLingo. The National FFA convention was her last project. She handed out over 500 BueLingo brochures and over 60 advisor packets. She was not able to complete any work on EPD’s nor did she work with the Web site and search engines as hoped. The Society has entered the FACEBOOK and TWITTER days, though.

Our Website is being revamped. Some information is available, but not all. We have moved providers in December. It is still a work in progress.

My hardest challenge this year was reporting that our friend, board member and past President, Joseph A. Steve, Jr. and his wife Judy both passed away in February and March of this year. They will be missed.
I feel the Board has stepped up to all the challenges brought before it this past year and has been successful in meeting those challenges. I enjoy meeting and visiting with new members over the phone and look forward to working with all of you in the next year.
Sincerely Belted, Susan Blair, Secretary

Spring 2013

Greetings from the Tractor Seat by Perry Fitch, president
Well, as we approach the spring season, calves are starting to hit the ground. Here in Minnesota we are still looking for robins, always a warm thought when we see one. Hopefully, most of you are getting plenty of moisture. As I write this, it looks like the Midwest is in for a good rain/blizzard.

This June will be the 25th BueLingo Convention, which will be held at fellow BueLingo breeder Stan Olson’s. (Please see convention information in this issue.) If at all possible, please come. I am looking forward to meeting and sharing BueLingo experiences with as many members as possible.

Please remember to stay safe this spring with calving as well as field work. Sometimes, I think we are safer if we just stop and admire a new born belted calf, than to rush in weigh and tag, and forget that the old cow has feelings. Way too many farmers come out on the bad end of a cow protecting her new born calf. With field work as well, take that extra time to be safe.

I am looking forward to seeing all of you at the upcoming convention. Let’s try and make this the biggest one we have had.

From the Secretary by Sue Blair
Here it is March. Spring is just around the corner, and the 25th annual convention is just a stone’s throw away. We are looking for record attendance. A special invitation and magnet has been sent to all members to help you remember this memorable event. If you cannot be there in person, consider sending us a note about some of your personal BueLingo experiences. One thing we learned from our first experience at the BueLingo convention is we couldn’t find a greater bunch of fun loving, down to earth, BueLingo oriented people. We look forward to having all members past and present attend the 25th anniversary convention and hopefully being reacquainted with members from days gone by.

We have asked Russ Danielson, Professor of Animal Science, North Dakota, who worked closely with Russ Bueling in the development of the BueLingo breed, to be our judge in the show ring and he has accepted. It will be an honor to have him join us and possibly compare the breed’s attributes that have developed over the 25 years to the original concept of the BueLingo breed.

Membership Renewals…..Renewals will be mailed the 1st of May and are due the 1st of June.
Included with the renewal:

Herd list report…..for you to edit and send back to the office. This helps the Society to keep track of active registered BueLingo.

Calving report…..Danny Meyer has been collecting data since 2001 – over 7500 calves are included in a 12 year summary. In Danny’s words, “If we are going to make improvement recommendations in this breed, we must be able to define where we are.” The next step we can take towards breed improvement is collecting weaning data. A chart was printed in the fall 2012 “BueLingo World” issue. This data will help establish some EPD’s for 205 adj. wt, etc. EPD’s are being widely used in most breeds as marketing and production tools

Director’s Ballot…..3 candidates for 2 positions. Your vote is important – the mailed ballot was instituted in 1999, so all members would be able to vote on matters pertinent to the Society, and not just the members who attended the General Membership meetings. The same was made available to our membership on Directors’ nominations. Nominations are opened at the general membership meeting and remain open until the winter Board of Directors’ meeting. Each member has sufficient time to nominate a director from our National roster. So, please do your part and choose a candidate that will best represent your BueLingo views and needs.

Registrations and Transfers: With all the cattle entered into the Centric Program, and all registrations calculated accordingly, preparing the certificate is simple to complete. Once the applicant’s dam and sire names and numbers are entered, the program will complete the pedigree. (If you have a NR {non-registered} animal and wish for its pedigree information to appear on the certificate, you must complete its lineage.) I still need you to do your part and take time to fill in “all blanks” to the best of your knowledge on the application. And, it is very important that each application is signed and dated. If you use the application form instead of a transfer form to register an animal in someone else’s name, be sure and include the date the new owner took possession and include the transfer fee.

MBCA 8th Annual Breeders Sale: By the time you read this the Breeders sale will be history. Over 55 animals were consigned. This sale brings in extra registrations and transfer fees, and has helped tremendously to promote BueLingo sales in the Midwest.
I have completed my 7th year as your Secretary/Treasurer, and have met a lot of the members over the phone. I look forward to meeting you personally at the 25th Anniversary Convention and hopefully will have a chance to reacquaint with members from the past as well. We hope for record attendance on people as well as cattle. It would be great to have all the past Presidents, Secretaries, Board of Directors, Hall of Honorees, and General Members old and new attend. Can you imagine the pictures in the next BueLingo World?

Once a BueLingo Enthusiast –
always a BueLingo Enthusiast.

Sincerely Belted, Susan Blair, Secretary


FALL 2012

Greetings from the Tractor Seat by Perry Fitch, president
Well it is late October as I write this. Most of us are finishing up harvesting. Hope everyone made it thru safely and got the harvest they were expecting. It was a trying year for most of us, too wet early for some, too dry early for some. I think maybe we were all too dry by August? The crops in Southeast Minnesota were okay. After talking with some BueLingo members over the summer, we feel lucky to have as good a year as we did at Cold Spring Stock Farm.

As we approach the winter and work our cattle remember to register them with our secretary, Sue.
We had a few things go on over the year that I feel were a sign of us growing. We had intern Kally Bockenhauer work on a few things over the summer; she did a great job at the BueLingo convention in West Salem, WI. In October she also attended the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, spreading the word about our breed.

Over the summer I have had a few calls from farmers all over the country asking about the BueLingo breed. It seems farmers are noticing them and hopefully taking an interest in them.

On Cold Spring Stock Farm this year we had an interesting calving season. We had purchased a Black BueLingo and used him on our 29 head of red BueLingo. (The belts were great, 25 out of 29) But the interesting thing was not one calf was red, some started out chocolate but turned black as they grew. We really thought we would still have some reds?

As we approach the 2013 season, we have the privilege of the Stan Olson Family hosting the 2013 National Convention. It will be the Society’s 25th year. I am asking for as many members as possible to come and celebrate this milestone. Plan a short vacation to Wisconsin this summer. We would like to have as many Hall of Honor members as possible come. We would also like as many cattle at the show as we can. But for you members from around the country just come, enjoy and share your BueLingo experiences. The opportunity to purchase, or for you to sell some of the top BueLingo cattle in the nation is at a convention. If you have cattle to sell and are not able to bring them, a few photos and information may work for a sale.

We will also be having the Midwest Breeder’s Sale in Sparta, WI early next year. It’s another opportunity to purchase some of the best BueLingo breeding stock available.
Have a safe and wonderful Christmas Season.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

From the Secretary by Sue Blair
This year has been quite the challenge for all producers around the country. Mother Nature has been our #1 challenge in the Midwest. Now we in the Midwest have a taste of what Texas and other Southern states have been experiencing with the droughts. Some are already predicting next year to be the same as this. If that is the case, we would need 100 plus inches of snow to make up the soil moisture. I do like the snow. Snow makes chores a little more of a challenge, but I do like the snow.

3rd Quarter Reports have been completed.
The dates have been set for the 2013 Convention. Stan Olson has volunteered to host the 25th Annual Convention & Show. Maybe we can “pack the place”!

Our summer intern, Kally Bocken-hauer, has completed her intern duties with the booth at the 2012 FFA Convention held in Indianapolis, IN. We hoped to get great exposure for the breed. Thank you, Kally and your assistants, for spending time in the booth. Kally has also worked with the BueLingo Facebook pages. (Technolo-gy beyond my means and understanding.)

Membership renewals were sent in May and over 80 reminders were sent the end of August. We were short almost 60 renewals this year. If BueLingo is no longer your interest, drop us a quick note, email, or phone call, and we can adjust our books accordingly. Thank you to all who have completed and returned their herd list inventory sheets. It gives the Society an indication of actual active animals.

There is a copy of the fall weaning report on page 15 of this BueLingo World. Please make copies and send your report to Danny Meyer or the office.


Summer 2012

Greetings from the Tractor Seat by Perry Fitch, president

WOW: What a great convention squeezed into two days. The weather cooperated and was sunny and cool. I would like to send a big THANK YOU to The Millers and The Knudsons for putting on a great show. And to Kally Bockenhauer and her family for helping with the cattle show/sale and for the farm tour, thank you. I would like to congratulate all the members that showed cattle. What a great representation of the BueLingo breed. A big thank you goes out to all that attended.

Personally it was more than I could ask for to meet the Hall of Honor inductees from the last few years.
The conversations with Orval Beadles and Jim Joiner were more than a member could ask for. To hear the History of the BueLingo as well as the stories of the previous conventions. Beef to the society. As long as I am mentioning the Hall of Honor, congratulations to Dean Monson for being the 2012 Hall of Honor inductee, it was quite the surprise to him! Maybe we should have included LuAnn on the certificate?

I would like to invite all members to attend next year’s convention. It will be the society’s 25th (Silver Anniversary). We do not know where this will be held as of yet. We are looking for volunteers to host the convention as well as ideas or suggestion for the event. It would also be great to get as many Hall of Honor members there as possible.

Just a friendly reminder that Danny Meyer is looking for calving reports; please send them to him as soon as you can.

Also remember to check out the Facebook page (BueLingo Beef Cattle Society) once you get to the page be sure to “Like” it and add comments and pictures as you wish. And check out the www.BueLingo.com webpage for information as well. We are working on updating both.

As I talk to the members, it is always interesting to find out whose farms are too wet and whose farms are too dry? One farmer’s beans are burning out and one farmer’s are drowning and only a few hundred miles apart.

As we continue haying and thinking about the fall harvest, remember safety first. Sometimes we get in a rush and that’s when we seem to make the most mistakes.

May all your calves be belted.

From the Secretary by Sue Blair
The Society office has been a busy place the last few months. The financial books have been reviewed as requested. The Centric Program has been edited and the 2012 Convention will soon be a part of BBCS history.

I have been able to devote some extra hours to inputting the cattle registration information into the Centric Program. When the office was in Arkansas, they started inputting data. The breeder – owner, name of animal and dam and sire of each animal was entered. Beginning at # 1, each pedigree has been completed, recalculated and edited to include birth dates, birth weights, and 205/365 adjusted weights that were submitted at the time of application. With the data completed in the Centric Program, every time an animal is registered, the pedigree will automatically fill in when the Dam’s name and Registration number and the Sire’s name and Registration number is entered.

You may come across a name that is spelled differently than what you have on your original papers. For instance, Apple Laddie-Boy WRC has been spelled Apple Laddy-Boy WRC on several occasions. He was originally registered as Apple Laddie-Boy WRC, so that is what will show up on future pedigrees. Of course, as with any computer program, the information coming out is only as good as the information that went into it. I’ve done my very best to get it right, but that doesn’t mean I may not have missed something along the way. But, I am happy to inform you that we are “finally” at the point that only the registered name and number of dam and sire needs to be submitted at the time of application for registration.

It is also important to use some sort of Farm/Ranch prefix or suffix in your animal’s registration name. Again, I will use Apple Laddie-Boy WRC as an example. The Breners have been using Apple as a prefix to all their animals registered since they began registrations. Their Farm/Ranch name is Windy River Cattle thus the WRC. Breners have also paid a $25.00 fee to protect their prefix of Apple and suffix of WRC, so it is not available for others to use when registering their cattle. If you would like to do the same, please submit your prefix or suffix to the office with the $25.00 fee. Some other registered breeds have tried to incorporate the dam and sire’s name into the offspring’s name, but be careful that you aren’t using someone else’s prefix or suffix when doing so. I will try and have a list of suffixes and prefixes that are being used in the next “BueLingo World”.

The board has agreed to set the fees for BIF (miss marked – Appendix) females the same as Regular registry rates beginning with animals born after December 31, 2011.
Less than 15 months of age will be $15.00 and over 15 months of age will be $25.00. Remember - this rate change takes effect with animals born AFTER December 31, 2011. BIF animals born before December 31, 2011 will still be $10.00 for less than 15 months of age and $20.00 for over 15 months of age.

I have again reformatted the application for registration form. After entering the data on over 5000 pedigrees, finding the information on the application quickly is important. I have also tried to put a few instructions on the form for first time applicants. Please remember to complete as much of the form as possible. Remember to have some form of permanent ID and remember to sign and date the Application. I apologize for the poor quality form sent with the renewal notices. Some have used it already, and I hope it wasn’t as inconvenient to fill out as it was to find the information when entering it into the program. I will definitely accept any form of registration you send as long as it has all the information necessary and is signed. If you wish to put the new owner’s name on the registration application form, be sure to include the date the new owner took possession and include the $10.00 transfer fee.

If you have not completed your calving record, please do so soon to be included in the next calving report.

We have received several pictures from our members and hope to receive many more to be used on the web site photo gallery and in the “BueLingo World”. We hope to do a fair show issue again this fall, so send pictures and stories of your show ring experiences.

Kally Bockenhauer has joined the BBCS and MBCA as summer intern. Her main objective is to promote BueLingo in several different venues. She is working with the completed Centric Program to see what reports can be generated and if a herd book can be made available to our members. Kally is also working with the BueLingo website – facebook and internet connections. She is highly motivated and energetic in the Beef industry, and I look forward to working with her.

If you have not paid your dues for 2012/2013, they are now past due. Membership for 2011/2012 was 147 of which 15 are lifetime, 96 are regular members, 11 associate, 18 junior, and 7 (active) Hall of Honor (3 deceased). To date there have been 7754 animals registered. On record as of January 1, 2012, there have been 912 reported as dead / 323 reported as sold to slaughter / 32 reported as gone / 885 reported sold / 119 reported sold out of Society / 7 sold with papers, but not transferred – Total of 2278. Please take time to clean up your records and let us know if any animals are still active, sold, died, etc.

I hope you notice good changes on the www.buelingo.com website. I have put it into the hands of younger blood. The BueLingo Facebook page is hoping to receive more activity as well.

Keeping the BueLingo Belted