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The Society shall maintain a complete set of records, which shall be placed into a permanent file and properly indexed. This file shall be known as the “BueLingo Cattle Registry or Herd Book.” It shall contain copies of applications for registry, certificates of registration, applications for transfer of title, plus all other incidental records or documents pertaining to the registration of BueLingo cattle.

1. A person who is not a member of the Society will be allowed to register cattle in the Society’s herd book for a fee to be determined by the setting Board of Directors.

2. The Directors and the Officers and Employees of the Society shall have the right to go upon the premises of any member of the Society at all reasonable times to inspect the members’ herds.

3. Any animal born of parents eligible for registration shall be eligible for entry in the herd book.

4. BCS Registry:
The colors of the BueLingo cattle in the primary registry are black or red with a white belt completely encircling the body. The belt must be between the shoulders and the hooks. Red BueLingo shall have an “R” preceding their registry number.

BIF Registry:
An appendix registry is established by the BueLingo Beef Cattle Society to allow the Society to benefit genetically from those BueLingo related or bloodline pure BueLingo FEMALES which happen to be ineligible for registration in the primary herd book by virtue of their markings, such as; a solid color, incomplete belt, partial belt or no belt, color other than red or black, any white on head, feet, legs, or tail.

These females will be known as BueLingo Identified Females (BIF). A certificate will be issued for each female animal entered into the BIF (appendix) registry. The certificate will appear identical to the primary registration except that there will be a silver embossed seal with “BIF” identifying this as an appendix registry. A registry number will be issued in sequence with the primary BueLingo breed book, but will be preceded by the letter designation BIF. A cow with white feet must be identified on the registration certificate with the letters “WF” following the registration number. The fee for registration of any animal in the BIF (appendix) Registry will be the same as for registration into the primary breed book or registry. A cow with white feet was registered in the primary registry until January 1, 2000.

Offspring from females within the BIF (appendix) Registry and which have been sired by Registered BueLingo Bulls and which are appropriately marked may enter the BCS (primary) Registry upon payment of fee and submission of appropriately completed registration application forms.

BCS Registry – BULLS
Effective January 1, 1995 - no bulls shall be registered with any white marking except for the proper belt.

After January 1, 2004 - all bulls eligible for registration will have to be sired by a Registered BueLingo Cattle Society Bull and a Registered BueLingo Cattle Society (BCS) cow or a BueLingo Identified Female (BIF) Cow.

5. Each animal shall have a unique name, preferably one word, and the full name must not be altered after being entered in the herd book except by express prior approval of the Board of the Society. If the name is approved to be altered it must retain the original farm/ranch name on the registry and the original breeder on the registration. The names of animals being registered shall not be more than twenty letters, numbers and or spaces. This includes prefixes, dashes and or spaces.

6. A calf born as a result of artificial insemination shall be eligible for entry into the herd book. BueLingo bulls used for AI (artificial insemination) must have their blood type or DNA on file before progeny may be registered.

7. The charge for entry into the herd book shall be determined by the Board of Directors and approved by the membership and may be changed from time to time. All fees must be remitted with the application for entry. The fee schedule shall include a separate fee for calves less than fifteen (15) months of age, over fifteen (15) months of age and transfer of registration.

8. All animals recorded in the herd book shall be uniquely permanently identified with letters or numbers, which shall be set out on the application for registration and copied on the certificate of registration. (Permanent ID consists of either a tattoo or an individual and separate freeze or hot brand for each animal.)

9. Applications for registration of an animal shall contain such information as may be required by the Board of Directors and staff. The markings or white belt must be entered in the proper place on the application for registry and must be drawn in as best the applicant is able to do so.

10. Every transfer of registration of an animal for breeding purposes must be recorded on the records of the Society. The application for transfer shall be filled out, sent or delivered with the proper fee to the Secretary and the Secretary of the Society shall make a record.

Effective January 1, 2002 – It will no longer be possible to register an animal in another person-farm-ranch name without paying the appropriate transfer fee at time of registration.

11. The BueLingo Beef Cattle Society does not recommend the use of multiple sires in the same pasture or range. If multiple sires are used, the resulting progeny cannot be registered unless proof of parentage is accomplished with blood typing or DNA. (A multiple sire mating is defined as any mating in which the cow was exposed in the same heat period to two (2) or more bulls.)

12. When applying for registration of twins, or one member of a set of twins, the animal must be coded as twin and the sex of the other twin must be given. Unless this is done, the application for registry of neither twin will be accepted. The word twin or multiple births should appear on each pedigree. In case of twins of opposite sex, the female cannot be registered until proved as a breeder, at which time the extra fee for age shall be waived.

13. The definition of “scurred” for registration purposes is – small, rounded portions of horn tissue attached to the skin at the horn pits of polled animals.

14. All applications for registration involving animals from another registered breed must contain registration identifier as well as registration number. The animal involved will be designated NR/Not Registered in the registry and on the registration forms.

15. The BueLingo Beef Cattle Society will allow the registration of steers as a product of the union of a registered BueLingo bull and either a BBCS or BIF female without color or marking restrictions into the regular BBCS Registry for a fee to be determined by the sitting Board of Directors.

(B) “Expanding the Genetic Base” (amended June 12, 2015)
The BBCS will utilize two methods to expand the genetic base of a BueLingo herd.
1. Cross a registered BueLingo Bull with any other non-registered female.
2. Cross a “Selected Registered BueLingo Female” with any other non-registered bull.
[“Selected Registered BueLingo Female”: Must have a sire and grandsires with a Registered BBCS# plus a dam and grand dams with a registered BBCS or BIF #’s] Only Female offspring of either method may be registered as a BCS# or a BIF# provided that said female meets all other requirements for registration.

(C) Erroneous entry and correction of certificates.
When new certificates are received from the Society, they should be checked immediately to determine if correct. If an error is found or correction found necessary, it should be returned to the Society office for correction. If the error is that of the applicant, the applicant will pay the correction fee. If the BueLingo office caused the error, the correction will be made at no charge. Any writing on the certificate not made in the Society Office will invalidate the certificate and necessitate the issuance of a duplicate at a cost to the holder at the regular fee.

Should any animal be admitted to entry or transferred through error, misrepresentation or fraud, the Executive Secretary on discovery of it shall declare the entry or transfer void, together with any entries that may have been made of descendants of such animal. When an animal shall have been transferred or entered through misrepresentation or fraud, the Executive Secretary may inform the member that he will refuse for record any subsequent entry or transfer dependent upon the signature of any person implicated in such fraudulent entry or transfer.

Notwithstanding anything herein contained, the Society assumes no responsibility, financial or otherwise, for any loss or damage that may be sustained by any individual partnership, firm, or corporation by reason of the suspension, cancellation, or correction of any registration, transfer or other documents or by reason of the rejection of any application for membership in the Society.

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